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As of now, the State of New York has mandated that all delivered heating oil contains a 5% Bio-Blend.  In order to take advantage of the tax credits, you must order your fuel with a 6% Bio-Blend; at the end of the year we assist you in claiming back 6 cents per gallons as per the tax credit.  You can download the one-pager, CT-241 Fuel Tax Credit form & to see how simple the process can be.  

You can file & claim up to 3 years prior and collect tax credits by filing these forms out, following our guidance and collecting proper consumption reports.  Prior to this year, 2014/2015 the mandate was 2% Bio-Blend and you are entitled to claims at 2 cents per gallon dating back to previous years.

At Northeastern Energy, we pride ourselves on ensuring all of our customers are taking advantage of all rebates & incentives available.

Please contact one of our customer care reps or your account manager to start the process on filing for you unclaimed fuel tax credits today!

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