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Northeastern Energy

We Give All Our Energy
To You...

From managing energy supply to reducing energy consumption, we are

continuously working to meet your sustainability goals.  We'll show you how

to create energy solutions for your commercial property or industrial operation.

Heating Oil


We currently provide heating oil to the New York Metropolitan Area.  Our main focus is the large residential and commercial markets.

Renewable Energy


Solar panels are an invaluable asset for any business. They can help you offset huge chunks (if not all) of your energy costs while fostering an image of sustainability for your company.

Port Logistics


Oil and Gas transportation and logistics service providers are trying to navigate the waters of change while also fulfilling the basic needs of this industry.

Natural Gas

Oil and gas industry. Pipe with red valve. Fluctuating graph on blue. Oil and gas pipe clo

Natural gas prices vary from supplier to supplier, it would be in your best interest to compare gas supply rates among the many suppliers offering service in your area.



If you are fortunate enough to live in a deregulated gas & electric market, take advantage of it by making sure you are getting an energy plan that fits your needs.

Installation Projects


Renewable Energy installation projects for your property, from commercial boiler systems, dual fuel conversions, co-gen, LED conversions, solar, and more...


We pride ourselves as a company in being very customer centric, this helps the relationship between us as a vendor and you as the customer.  We're really here for each other in a sense as we go above and beyond to make sure that you have peace of mind, while we cater to your oil fuel delivery needs, logistics, boiler services, natural gas & electricity, as well as solar panel installations & power purchase agreements.

Walking Under Gas Pipes




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